Our Story


Similar to the furniture you choose for each room, scents refine the character of each corner in your house.

Born from long-term passion, and fascination with fragrances, Lovely is the newest piece that will turn your home into the space where you can truly unwind, and create wonderful memories.

We explored and developed scents through an elaborate collaboration with the expertise of our perfumerist and experienced chemist, ensuring that the products are of high quality and processed with only the best, imported materials. Our inspiration stems from believing that we can add a more personal touch in your activities: from waking up, sharing meals, and having conversations at home through these unique fragrances.

Our scents have been refined from the best influences from nature. What does home smell like? Is it the smell of lavender or the sea breeze?  The scent of musk, mixed with the serene comfort of peach and basil? The feeling of being wrapped in love by tones of vanilla, rose, and lavender blending together? Could this be the scent of home for you? Certainly, each of our composition is personal, and exclusive. What sets Lovely apart is that our perfume oils are all sourced from Europe, and processed in the Philippines. A taste of the European luxury, made with Filipino love.

Welcoming people into your home, and celebrating memories of times and places with scents that they will be remembered with, let Lovely make memories last longer for you.